Things that you cannot sell on this site:

Ads with loans between individuals
Ads with drugs, weapons, objects or erotic and obscene materials
Ads with cigarettes and tobacco products
Ads with multi-level marketing / network marketing job offers or “work from home online” jobs that involve paid click schemes
Ads with tarot and other similar services
Ads with alcohol and alcoholic beverages
Ads with pharmaceuticals and medicines, human organs
Ads with locked iCloud devices (iPhone / iPad / iPod)
Ads of goods obtained through theft, robbery, cheats or other types of crime
Ads with dangerous goods for human health and life
Adss with non-existent goods
Ads with animals threatened with extinction
Ads with paid sex services
Ads with with virtual transactions or gambling.

Please avoid as much as possible the placement of:

1. false, interpretable or that contain personal data within their description
2. photos taken from other sources (pictures showing the logo of other sites, manufacturers, etc.)
3. ads containing contact details for surcharge phone numbers or unsolicited electronic messages (commonly called Spam)



The entire civil and criminal liability for the information published and / or transmitted on the Internet by the user, as well as for the consequences that may arise as a result of these activities, is assigned exclusively to the user.